About Us

Calmarc Chemicals Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is the South Asian representative of Calmarc Chemicals Australia. Calmarc Chemicals Australia is an industrial coating manufacturer having the corporate office and production facility in Western Australia. Main objective of Calmarc Chemicals is to produce environment friendly products for the global building and construction industry. The product range covers the areas of paints, sealers, associative products for cement mortars, toppings and concrete, floor covering adhesives, waterproofing, damp proofing and specialty cleaning products for industrial use.

Calmarc Chemicals Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is a dedicated environmental friendly entity. US Green Building Council has offered its prestigious corporate membership to Calmarc Chemicals Lanka (Pvt) Ltd for promoting environmental friendly products and services in this region.

Calmarc 'Encapsulation' treatment prevents the carcinogenic fibre emission from weathered asbestos roofing sheets. Asbestos has already been banned in more than forty countries as it has been identified as a carcinogen that causes cancerWorld Health Organisation has recommended ‘Encapsulation’ treatment for asbestos roofing sheets to protect the occupants from asbestos related diseases.

Calmarc 'Insulcote' roof insulation coating produced as per Thermacel technology incorporating ceramic micro vacuum spheres reduces the roof temperature by a maximum of 10° C to keep the occupants in comfort. Thermacel technology was selected by US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as Spin off Technology Product of the Year.

Water base products manufactured and used in place of solvent base products eliminate the adverse impact caused by the solvent fumes on the environment. Calmarc waterproofing technology in forming in-situ membranes is widely used in the international building industry due to its superior performance. Calmarc roof coatings provide excellent resistance to elements to maintain the colour of tileasbestos or Zinc-Alumn roofs for many years. Clear sealers manufactured as per nano-particle technology maintain the natural appearance of any substrate with a wet look preventing any algae or fungal growth for many years.

Our technical mission is a passion to continually improve, innovate and skillfully formulate environmental friendly coatings using quality raw materials with extended durability.