Metal Roof Liquid Rubber Waterproofing and Restoration

We restore rusted leaking zinc-aluminum roofs to long lasting waterproofed coloured roofs with a colour of your choice out of 1600 colours to enhance the aesthetic value of the property. Rust or any other dirt that have set-in on the roof is physically removed with a special roof cleaning machine. Then the leaking roofing sheet joints and fastener heads are sealed off with a special membrane formed in-situ with liquid rubber. Liquid rubber waterproofing is the cutting edge waterproofing technology widlely used in the global construction industry due to its durability. It forms a strong,seamless, fully adherent, highly strechable rubberized membrane that can withstand any metal roof expansion or contraction due to extreme global temperature fluctuations. It can easily seal gaps between sheet joints, fastener heads and corroded pitted areas of metal roofs to prevent leaks for decades. Then the roof is applied with an ‘Elastomeric’ coloured coating incorporated with corrosion inhibitor to prevent corrosion and add colour to the roof to enhance the aesthetic value of the property.