Heat Proofing Asbestos / Concrete / Metal Roofs

‘Insulcote’ insulation coating is a widely used roof insulation coating to reduce the heat transmission through the roof. ‘Insulcote’ incorporates ‘Thermacel’ ceramic vacuum micro-spheres suspended in an acrylic terpolymer waterborne resin system. On drying, vacuum micro-spheres forms a tightly packed layer of beads to form a trapped vacuum as in a thermos flask wall. This vacuum layer prevents conduction and convection heat transfer into the substrate. Since ‘Insulcote’ is white in colour it reflects the radiation heat. ‘Insulcote’ is a better roof insulation compared to conventional fiberglass aluminum foil insulation as ‘Insulcote’ cuts off the heat from the outer surface of the roof before the heat enters the building. ‘Insulcote’ reduces the roof temperature by a maximum of 10° C. ‘Thermacel’ technology has won the Spin off Technology Product of the Year award of US National Aeronautics and Space Administration - NASA